Bangkok Hangover 2 movie tours

By John Sterling

John and his wife having fun at Soi Cowboy

John and his wife having fun at Soi Cowboy

My wife and I wanted to experience some of Bangkok’s infamous nightlife but didn’t really know where to go. So we found a reputable tour company that ran a nightlife tour interestingly named ‘Bangkok Hangover’ after the hit Hollywood film. My wife and I had both seen the movie and thought it would be quite good fun, it seemed reasonably priced and we had no idea what to expect.

The driver picked us up at our hotel at around 18:30 and we met our guide for the night, Toby, at the Soi Cowboy famous street of bars. 

We started the tour at a big red coloured bar with girls dancing above our heads on a glass floor. It was pointed out to me that none of the girls (wearing short black skirts) had any underwear on!

From there we moved on to the Tilac bar which was featured in the movie and then we went to somewhere called the Cactus bar where the girls wore nothing at all. We met the owner who was called John and has been running his bar there for many years. He was quite a character and told us how much the bars had changed over the years. He had a very impressive selection of Belgium beers which, although quite pricey, tasted sublime.

Toby then took us to another area which was full of bars on three different levels. We visited two which had some really impressive live shows of girls dressed in various outfits which then came off! One show featuring Geisha girls was very extremely well done, but all were entertaining in their own way. 

Women choose the tour to visit red light zones

Women choose the tour to visit red light zones

At one bar we saw several girls dancing naked in a massive Jacuzzi and performing various erotic acts one each other. Finally we finished up at a ‘lady boy’ bar which was a real eye opener. Some of the ‘lady boys’ were very sexy and all were good natured and extremely friendly so we had a great time. Bruce, the Kiwi that runs the tour company, promised me a t-shirt saying I had done the hangover tour but it has not arrived yet.

I asked Toby who were his main customers for the tour since I had assumed it would groups of men on stag nights (that being the theme of the movie). He told me that the tour was most popular with women and that they had quite a few lesbian women who took the tour to gawk at the girls and experience the shows – many of which featured a lesbian theme. 

He told me that a lot of women wanted to experience the gogo bars and shows but found the environment a bit intimidating, so doing a tour gave the extra safety of having a guy around who was there to look after them and make sure everything went smoothly. It seemed to make sense.

Special thanks to tour reviewer John Sterling and his wife (friends of Bruce) who did the tour. 

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