Activities for kids in Bangkok

It’s all about fun as a kid in Thailand

It’s all about fun as a kid in Thailand

By Pimkarn Kometsopa

No matter how much Bangkok’s wondrous cultural sights impress you, your kids won’t be oohing and ahhing over the glittering temples or how delicate and refined a bronze statue looks. Cut them some slack, be a cool parent and take them on a fun trip.

Architectural wonders and an array of hedonistic options aside, Bangkok is actually very children-friendly. Oodles of fun-filled, hair-raising, heart-stopping activities can be found at almost every corner in Bangkok.

No child is likely to frown if the word ‘zoo’ is mentioned.Dusit Zoo on Rama V road (tel: +66 2 282 7111 3, ext. 128) was Thailand’s very first zoo, and is home to about 2,000 animals including African and Asian mammals and reptiles as well as a variety of birds.

Various animal shows will keep children excited here and there’s a huge pond where kids can enjoy a ride in a paddle boat; just keep an eye out for throngs of komodo dragons sunbathing at the edge of the pond. In addition, a large area is dedicated to children’s games and small rides.

If you have some time to spare, another good option is Safari World (, located a bit farther from the heart of Bangkok. Drive your own car or hop on a safari-mini coach to explore eight kilometres of rich wilderness where you will spot all kinds of animals from all over the world including African elephants, lions and zebras. Located on the same premise is the Marine Park, offering interesting shows including sea lion performances and polar bear feeding.

When the boys on your trip start playing up, take them to Snake Farm (tel: +66 2 252 0161 4) on Rama IV road, situated in the metropolis of Bangkok. Be fascinated by a number of snakes, such as cobras, vipers and kraits, and there’s even a ‘milking’ show where venom is extracted from the snakes. At the end of the show, you will also get a chance to have a friendly cobra wrapped around your neck for some photo opportunities - something for your kids to brag to their friends about.

Nothing compared to Disneyland, Dream World (, the most famous and biggest theme park in Bangkok, will give your kids the ultimate fun all the same. Get on roller coasters for spine-tingling rides, join others in a spooky trip into a haunted mansion or race away on the small go-kart track.

Siam Paragon’s aquarium is central and convenient

Siam Paragon’s aquarium is central and convenient

Snow Land, where you can play with artificial snow, slide on a board down the snow-filled slope and observe an igloo, is probably the most visited area for Thais. However, this area requires you to rent the same smelly raincoats and soaking wet boots which have been used by hundreds of people. If you have snow in your country, simply skip this area.

Wonder World Fun Park ( is the newest addition to Bangkok’s theme parks. Get on the country’s first centre-less Ferris wheel and play on a number of thrilling, adrenaline-pumping machines including Tower Shot, Tower Drop, AS1 Simulator, Tornado Coaster and Sling Shot.

When the weather gets too hot to handle, have a family day out at Siam Park, known as Suan Siam by locals ( The biggest water park in Bangkok features the 400-metre Super Spiral waterslide and a giant sea pool where you can feel the waves and whirlpools. Siam Park also has an open zoo and a few rides for children.

Avoid visiting at weekends or on public holidays as Thais usually drive from outside Bangkok and flood the whole area. Also, avoid wearing slinky bikinis if you don’t want to be stared at everywhere you go.

Smaller water parks include Leo Land, located on the rooftop of Central City Bangna shopping mall and minimal water parks at Ngarm Wong-wan and Bangkrapi malls. These parks are nothing to write home about and are only worth visiting if you are in the area to do some shopping.

If you happen to be around Siam Paragon, which you probably will be at some point as it’s the hippest mall in the city at the moment, why not toss your kids to Siam Ocean World on the basement floor of the mall.

One of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia, here you can find more than 30,000 marine animals displayed in creative tanks including fish in washing machines, cars and fridges. The highlight for kids is probably the huge tank which is home to a number of sharks and other colourful fish species. Shark feeding shows are one of the most popular events.

The winner among those travelling with older kids in Bangkok is PTT Speed Way and Karting Stadium, the biggest indoor go-kart track in the world at the heart of RCA Plaza on Rachada road (tel: +66 2 203 1205 7). Races last for 10 minutes and are launched five times per hour.

There are separate rounds for advanced drivers and beginners, so no need to worry if you are a newbie to the go-kart racing scene. The race is shown on a huge screen for everyone in the area to see so make sure you are looking your best. The coolest thing about this is that you will get a detailed report of your performance at the end of the race.

Whether you have a grumpy little one or a bunch of cranky tweenies, the city of Bangkok will definitely knock your kids’ socks off with its array of enthralling activities and interesting venues, keeping them chirpy for at least a couple of days. More on Bangkok for kids.

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