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Bangkok is a pulsating city with many facets to it and we’ve tried to capture this with these pictures of Bangkok. The city is lively by day or night, with eight million residents all trying to make a living.

Bangkok pictures include everything from surreal temples to towering skyscrapers, belching buses to stretch limos and plenty of eye catching scenes in between. Despite its reputation as a congested, chaotic city, Bangkok has plenty to offer the photographer, from pictures of popular sites to improptu snaps of everyday life.

We’ve tried to capture some of the essence of this busy and fascinating city with this small collection of Bangkok pictures. They include the must-see places and some of the off-beat characteristics of the city.

Click on any of the Bangkok pictures below for a slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Bangkok
Bangkok has plenty of photographic shops where you can download your pictures of Bangkok onto disks, or stock up on film and supplies. You may even find yourself shopping for a new camera or accessories and many of the shops offer fantastic bargains.

Remember to be mindful of Buddhist customs and respect when taking pictures in Bangkok. Dress appropriately when you enter a temple, and do not climb over walls or religious structures. Many temples are now considered tourist attractions, but be aware of restrictions on taking pictures of certain interiors, such as the Emerald Buddha, or using flash on sensitive murals.

Thais themselves love being photographed and won’t mind, but it’s polite to ask first (in Thai, ‘Tai ruup dai mai khrap/kha’). The King of Thailand is himself a keen, and accomplished, photographer.

Bangkok pictures are an essential part of your trip to Thailand and there is plenty of sights to photograph, so remember to take your camera everywhere. The light is best before 10:00, after which it can get hazy. It’s relatively safe to wander around freely displaying your camera but thieves do sometimes target tourists in busy areas. On the whole, it is safe though.

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