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Bangkok hotels in the Khao San Road area

Khao San Road, located near to the river in a north-westerly direction from the centre of town, is one of Bangkok’s most popular destinations for western tourists. In fact, it probably has more farrangs per square kilometre than any other place in Thailand. The main reason for this is the huge abundance of cheap backpacker guest houses and hostels which are crammed together along Khao San Road itself and all the small lanes feeding off from it. So, most accommodation is of this same cheap and cheerful standard, although some places are perhaps a bit too basic, so we recommend spending a few extra hundred baht to secure yourself a room which is comfortable and liveable during your stay in Bangkok.

Khao San Road itself is something of a tourist attraction in its own right, with crowds of travellers teeming about, many with ridiculously large backpacks strapped to their backs, and of course there are the ubiquitous Khao San Road dreadlocks, braids and fisherman’s pants. But on Khao San you are also very well positioned to visit the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, or to go on a canal trip.

In fact, if you’re only planning a day or two in Bangkok then a hotel in the Khao San road area is sensible because of its close proximity to the main attractions and dusit area. However, the mass transit doesn’t penetrate this area and taxis are your best bet to get across town to the central silom, Siam square and Sukhumvit areas and this can be disastrous in rush hour.

We’ve listed some places below which take bookings on Khao San – these are usually towards the top bracket of the Khao San Road price range. You can also view the entire list of Bangkok hotels to start making reservation enquiries.

Budget Guide:
The prices quoted after each review refer to the minimum charge for a double room. Prices rarely differ according to season in Bangkok: although rates will vary according to superior and deluxe options. A single + beside the price indicates a deluxe room option, two ++ suggests suites are available and three +++ are reserved for ultimate luxury choices.

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Budget hotels on or near Khao San Road (1000 baht and under)

Sawasdee Banglampu Inn
A member of the very reliable Sawasdee chain of hotels, the Banglampu Inn is located right on Khao San Road and so it’s ideal for those who want to be at the heart of the action. As with other Sawasdee hotels, most rooms come with hot water and a TV, something of a luxury for Khao San!
750 baht / €16 / $20 / £11 + pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Sawasdee Banglampu Inn

New World Lodge Hotel
Located just off Samsen Road, which is fast becoming an alternative for those who don’t like the hustle and bustle of Khao San, but who still like to keep a reasonably tight budget. At New World Lodge you can find amenities such as a gym, Thai massage and a snooker room: pretty good value.
900 baht / €19.50 / $24 / £13.50 + pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

New World Lodge Hotel

Sawasdee Khao San Inn
This large, inviting guest house is situated on the main road at the police station end of Khao San Road. A spacious and smart restaurant, decent on-site travel agent and good, clean rooms are yours for a reasonable price.
800 baht / €17 / $21 / £12 + pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Sawasdee Khao San Inn

Superior hotels on or near Khao San Road (1000 – 2000 baht)

Viengtai Hotel
One of the more up-market hotels in the area, the suite rooms can hold their own with any of Bangkok’s other mid- to high- range hotels. Facilities including a swimming pool, TVs in all rooms, and a very good restaurant make the Viengtai a very good option.
1500 baht / €33 / $39 / £22 ++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Viengtai Hotel

Trang Hotel Bangkok
Featuring a swimming pool, comfortable rooms, room service and a smart Chinese restaurant, the Trang Hotel feels classy and is a good alternative for those who want to splash out a bit, yet remain in the popular Khao San area.
1150 baht / €25 / $30 / £17 ++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Trang Hotel Bangkok

Thai Hotel
This mid-range hotel is actually located a couple of blocks away from Khao San Road, but is still very conveniently located to visit the attractions in the area such as The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. The hotel itself has a pool and rooms with balconies, cable TV and mini bars.
1350 baht / €29 / $35.50 / £20 ++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Thai Hotel

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