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Bangkok hotels by the Chao Phraya river side

The banks of the Chao Phraya river are where the most luxurious and famous of Bangkok’s five star hotels are based. If you’re travelling to Bangkok in style, this is inevitably where you’ll end up – or if you feel like a splurge on one last night of decadence and extravagance on your holiday.

You will pass by most of these hotels if you embark on a river trip, and their glittering presence is unmistakable making them quite a tourist attraction themselves. This means, of course, that you're in an ideal position when staying here to take such a trip, but you are also connected by the last one or two stops on the skytrain which can quickly and conveniently take you into town for shopping and evening entertainment. But there will probably be plenty of entertainment within the confines of your hotel.

There is nothing here in the budget category, but there are a few hotels which won’t hurt your wallet quite as much as the big five star ones. We’ve listed a few in this category as well as the luxury hotels below. Click here for a full list of all Bangkok hotels.

Budget Guide:
The prices quoted after each review refer to the minimum charge for a double room. Prices rarely differ according to season in Bangkok: although rates will vary according to superior and deluxe options. Two ++ suggests suites are available and three +++ are reserved for ultimate luxury choices.
In this section we also have four ++++ for the world-class hotels which are beyond even the +++ level of luxury.

Hotels in Sukhumvit Road area
Silom, Siam and central Bangkok hotels
Hotels in the Khao San Road area

Superior hotels by the Chao Phraya river, Bangkok (under 4000 baht)

The Elegance Suite
Set back a bit from the river, but even closer to the skytrain than many of the other river-side hotels, the Elegance Suite provides a good alternative for those who want to be in the Chao Phraya area but can’t afford the high prices of most other accommodation. Here you get a swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness room and sauna for less than 2,000 baht so not a bad deal really.
1650 baht / €36 / $43 / £25 ++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Bossotel Inn
The Bossotel has very well appointed rooms and a decent on site restaurant. You can also indulge in a Thai massage on the premises, or relax in the sauna and jacuzzi. Located near but not quite on the river.
1200 baht / €26 / $31.50 / £18 ++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Bossotel Inn

Menam Riverside Hotel
Probably the cheapest hotel in this area that still has river-view rooms, although it is a bit further away from the skytrain than some of the other hotels in this section are. Rooms are excellent though, as are the facilities which include Japanese and seafood restaurants, a large pool and business conference rooms.
2800 baht / €61 / $74 / £42 ++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Menam Riverside Hotel

Luxury hotels by the Chao Phraya river, Bangkok (over 4000 baht)

Royal Orchid Sheraton
Five star service here and you’ll know it as soon as you set foot inside. The rooms are gorgeous, the restaurants (Thai and Italian) are to die for and of course the riverside views and ambience are among the best you’ll find in Bangkok.
6100 baht / €132 / $160 / £91 +++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Millennium Hilton
The newest Hilton hotel to open in Thailand, the futuristic looking Millennium Hilton is one of the most striking buildings along the Chao Phraya. True to the Hilton’s world renowned reputation, this addition to the empire exudes class from everywhere. The hotel includes extravagances such as a beach constructed on the roof with a stunning Bangkok skyline view from your deckchair, super-trendy jazz bars, cocktail lounges and stylish restaurants, as well as five star service.
5300 baht / €115 / $139 / £79 +++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Millennium Hilton

The Peninsula
One of Bangkok’s, and indeed the world’s, finest hotels. It really doesn’t get much better than The Peninsula with unrivalled views over the city and every lavish facility, comfort and trimming you can think of. On the opposite side of the river to the skytrain, but there’s a free ferry service for guests.
9614 baht / €209 / $253 / £143 ++++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

Real luxury, as is the norm by the Chao Phraya, but a bit less formal than some of the other hotels; the Shangri-La is immensely popular. If you stay here you’ll see why: the service and decor (both in and out of the rooms) are world class.
6726 baht / €146 / $177 / £100 ++++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

The Oriental
Little introduction is needed for The Oriental, Bangkok’s most expensive, classy and famous hotel. Frequently winning awards as the world’s best hotel, the service, facilities, restaurants (Lord Jim’s Thai and seafood, and The Normadie’s French food are world-beaters), decor and – well, everything really – is pretty much perfect. We’re running out of superlatives here, you’ll have to book a room and see for yourself!
14,250 baht (up to 34,124 baht) / €310 (up to €742) / $375 (up to $898) / £213 (up to £509) ++++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

The Oriental

Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa
A little bit further away than the other 5-star hotels we’ve mentioned here, and so hence slightly cheaper, but you’re still getting fantastic service at the Marriot. The biggest of all of these hotels in terms of the area it covers, with 10 acres of gardens, and a total of 11 restaurants and bars, you may find that you never need to leave the Marriot if you stay here.
5250 baht / €114 / $138 / £78 +++ pictures and facilities ..... rates and bookings

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