Drop in hotel room rates revealed

31 Mar 2011

Political tension and an oversupply of hotels have been cited as the main causes of a three per cent drop in the average room rate in Thailand last year. The reduction in rates has meant Bangkok has joined the list of best-value cities in the world for five-star hotels. Other cities on the list include Budapest, Prague and Berlin.

The survey, conducted by Hotels.com, found the average price of a hotel room in Thailand was approximately 2,900 baht, compared with 3,000 baht in 2009. 2010 was a tough year for the tourism industry with footage of violent protests broadcasted to around the world.

In comparison to other nations in Asia, Singapore was the most expensive, charging an average of 6,160 baht per night, up from 4,850 baht the year before. It is believed the reason for the jump in price was due to strong growth in the corporate travel sector and the opening of new tourist attractions in the city.

The second most expensive hotels in Asia were recorded in South Korea and Japan, which were followed by China, Taiwan, India and Malaysia.

The top 10 most expensive countries in terms of average hotel-room rate per night were (in descending order): Russia, Switzerland, Brazil, Israel, Singapore, Norway, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Croatia and Italy.

The survey’s researchers also noted that average prices of hotel rooms around the world rose two per cent in 2010.

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