Security upped at strategic Bangkok locations

4 Apr 2011

Bangkok police bosses have ordered officers to increase security measures at important residences in the Thai capital. The move applies to foreign diplomatic residences, government buildings and the homes of prominent Thai people.

The order announced by deputy Bangkok police commander Aueapong Komalakul na Nakhon last Thursday comes in response to a series of political rallies that are currently taking place in Bangkok as well as the civil unrest that is sweeping Middle Eastern nations.   

The deputy commander said that Thai authorities were concerned that militants and subversive elements might take advantage of the situation to foster their own violent acts. Sites where security levels needed to be raised also include politically symbolic locations.

Bangkok police units were told to co-ordinate the new measures with security personnel at embassies belonging to countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Denmark. The measures allowed for police to be deployed at strategic embassy sites as needed, but all actions and plans needed to be finalised by 16:00 on Friday.

There have been two previous terrorist raids on embassies in the Thai capital. In December 1972, four terrorists held six Israeli embassy personnel for 24 hours before letting them go.

The Union of Myanmar’s Bangkok embassy was taken over by two rebel Myanmese factions in October 1999 and 89 people were taken hostage. The hostages; who included embassy staffers, native Myanmese, Thai nationals and foreign tourists, were later released unharmed and the God's Army and Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors escaped to Myanmar.     

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