Fire causes panic at Bangkok shopping centre

29 Aug 2011

A fire at an east Bangkok department store on Saturday afternoon caused people to hastily flee for emergency exits. The blaze at Central Bang Na also caused some people to faint, as they became frightened, and chaos outside the building as drivers hurriedly tried to leave the area.

The blaze broke out on the seventh floor of the building at around 15:30. The fire started in the food zone on the floor and is believed to have been caused by a workman doing repair work at one of the meal booths. Witnesses allege that as the man cut into a steel joist, sparks flew off and hit the ceiling, which ignited.

Fire-fighters were called to the scene of the incident and took two hours to extinguish the fire. There were no reports of any injuries to people by the fire or haste in leaving the store

After the fire, the department store’s public relations office announced that the building would be closed while the damage and mess were cleared up. An investigation after the fire revealed that 60m² of the food area had been burnt and that the walls of six vendors’ booths were damaged.

Safety investigators also examined the scene and probed events leading up to the fire. The investigators say that if the fire was caused by unsafe working practices, then those responsible would be prosecuted.  

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