Dummy cops to patrol Bangkok streets

26 Sep 2011

Bangkok police have announced an ambitious plan to place dummy police officers at traffic problem points in the city. The figures will be fitted with internal closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) that will hopefully give usable images of motorists who break the law.

Phanu Kerdlarpol, Bangkok deputy police chief, said that the fake law enforcers would be fitted with state-of-the-art CCTV by the NECTEC National Computer Centre. The cloned dummies will all be named sergeant Choey, as choey translates to inactive in English, and are easily assembled which means they can be quickly moved if the need arises.

Major-general Kerdlarpol added that the dummies would play an important role in helping real-life police bring traffic violators to justice. Police plan to view the CCTV images captured and send summonses to the addresses of drivers who run red lights or exceed the speed limit.   

Drivers trying to beat the traffic lights and talking on mobile phones are major problems in Thailand. The latter is also against the law, but many drivers disobey the statute as can be seen with even a quick glance at passing traffic.

The dummy police officers should be seen at major road intersections in the near future and possibly nationwide if the pilot scheme proves successful. The dummies will provide an appropriate match for police boxes as many of these have a giant officers cap on the roof of them.   

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