Last remaining Bangkok floods ebb away

12 Dec 2011

State officials in the northern regions of Bangkok say the Thai capital’s remaining flooded areas should be dry within the next few days. In the northern district of Don Muang, one of the first areas to be inundated, council director Phumpat Damrongkiart said most of the water had gone and just a few housing estates still needed to be drained.

Council workers have deployed pumps to speed up the drainage process and Mr Damrongkiart said that the estates should be dry again within three to five days. A total of 140 housing estates and residential precincts in this part of the city were swamped by the floods.  

Yesterday prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra presided over the opening ceremonies for a clean-up day in the district. The event started at Wat Don Muang temple. People picked up debris and other detritus left behind as the water ebbed away.

The Thai government has instigated a scheme offering each family affected by the floods a payment of 5,000 Baht. The Government Savings Bank is distributing the one-off compensation package and set up kiosks to deal with applicants.

Flood victims have alleged that the payment is too little and too late. Only 4,700 of an estimated 36,000 households affected by flooding have received the funds up to now.

There were also technicians at the clean-up event who helped residents to clean up motorcycles and household electrical appliances that had been swamped in the flooding.

The worst flooding in Thailand in the last five decades, which began in late July, has claimed an estimated 700 lives to date. Although the floods are receding around Bangkok, the southern part of the country is currently undergoing adverse weather which has caused some additional flooding.

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