Taxi-driver runs over bag stuffed with cash

31 Dec 2012

A taxi-driver in the Thai capital of Bangkok ran into a bag packed with bank notes early yesterday morning. Pongsin Jirakulthavornpat was working the graveyard shift when he hit the bag, later found to contain 3 million Baht in banknotes, on Rama III Road at around 02:00.

According to a source at local radio station Jor Sor 100, Mr Jirakulthavornpat contacted them to say he had found the cash-bag which he believed was the property of a bank. The honest driver told radio station staff that he had previously worked in a bank and wanted to return his windfall as the bag’s owners would be extremely worried over its loss.

The duty officer at the city’s Bukkalo Police Station said the crew of a Brink's cash-delivery van reported at 06:00 that they had lost a bag of cash. Tossaporn Rewnak said his team had been delivering 27 cash-cases with 53 million Baht in them for Siam Commercial Bank cash machines in the Thonburi area of the city.

He continued by saying that a motorcyclist had flagged them down on Taksin Road and informed them that one of the van’s rear doors was open. The crew checked the security van and found that the lock on the open door still had the key in it.

The hapless crew discovered that only one of the cash-cases was missing. Due to the honesty of the Bangkok cabbie, the crew were later re-united with the cash. The 1Stop Bangkok getting around guide provides information about taxis and other public transport options here.  

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